Golf and Life

Golf is to be enjoyed. These pages are about making the most of the game, getting better at it, and not spending a fortune in the process. Whatever you find on these pages has been gleaned from years of playing, practising, reading and learning about the game.

Golf is affordable. Australia has an abundance of golf courses that everyone can afford to play, and some that only a privileged few get to walk on. This is about the affordable game of golf! For as little as $5-10 a round access can be had to some interesting golf courses, and access to some nice courses will only cost around $25. For manicured luxury, access to exclusive courses, or the opportunity to experience some absolutely amazing Australia courses the cost can rise to over $100. You do not have to pay that sort of money to enjoy the game. Golf clubs can cost thousands of dollars as well, but good second hand cluubs can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars.

Golf is not the same as life. Golf is a continual challenge which brings its delights and frustrations, but there is more to life than golf. At the end of the day to be able to walk 9 or 18 holes, and write down a number is a bonus. Some of us need to be reminded of that from time to time.

Golf scores can be lower. Apparently USGA statistics show that average scores have come down by less than 0.5 strokes per round despite technological advances. Hints and helps offers resources and ideas to shave a stroke or two off your score, as well as links to some good golf coaching that will help you enjoy your game more.

For most of us golf is a hobby. It is recreation, and some gentle exercise on the weekends. Family and work necessarily intrude on golf time. We delight in extra time playing or practising golf. At times the fever gets us and we grab every possible moment playing or practising. But most of the time we just enjoy the game and know that the score could be better.

What about my golf? I am an amateur Australian golfer still enjoys playing the game and trying to reduce my handicap. Over the years I have been a member eight clubs in four states without winning any signifcant trophies. Golfing highlights include a hole-in-one and playing St.Andrews. I am a golfer who enjoys practising every aspect of the game and playing different courses. is about appreciating and enjoying the game without breaking the bank.

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